Security officer

Royal Caribbean International


Job Summary

Royal Caribbean International Hiring company
Shipboard Location
Contract Job type
6 Months length
Call Salary
Security officer Position

The onboard security team is responsible for implementing and enforcing the company and ships security policies  which include operations in the gangway, guest areas and restricted areas throughout the ship.
Members of the security team are tasked to preserve the safety of the guests, the crew and vessel through their  response to potentially harmful situations, their observations and reporting of unusual incidents while on routine  activity or safety rounds.

To join this team, candidates must have previous experience in at least one or more of the below fields:

- Law Enforcement (Local / State Government)
- Cruise Industry Security (Security onboard different Cruise Line)
- Military
- Hotel / Hospitality Security including private protection
- Transportation Security (Aviation, Maritime).

The role onboard requires the appropriate skills and training based on the position level the applicant is applying to. These skills and training involve knowledge of relevant security equipment, maritime and non-maritime security trends, access control, risk assessments and strategies to promote effective security, incident response and emergency management.

Ideal Candidate / What We Are Looking For:
We are looking for serious and mature candidates, both females and males, who are interested in pursuing a maritime career for all onboard security positions throughout the different levels of leadership.
The general preference is for energetic candidates with a big personality and a customer service orientation.
These candidates are looking into a long-term Maritime Security career in a growing fleet and strive to be leaders in their team onboard.
They are great communicator and are team players.
They have a strong understanding and intuition for all things security related and are eager to continue building their skillset.

Skills required:

Communication Skills - Polite, friendly and pleasant to speak with. Confidence in their speaking is a must. Candidate must have the ability to be firm as needed. For leadership positions, the candidate should have experience with delivering training presentations to a group with strong public speaking abilities.
English - Ability to communicate clearly in English is a must. Additional languages are a plus.
Team Player - Candidate must be able to work well as an individual but must work well in a team.
Computer skills - Candidate should be competent with Microsoft Windows and adaptable to new technology.
Self Confidence - Candidate must show high level of self-confidence without being arrogant or boastful.
Social Skills - Must be sociable and approachable, easy to speak with, shows empathy.
Adaptability - Quick learning and adaptability to new environments is a must.
Appearance - High level of personal appearance and grooming is a must.
Emergency response skills - Looking for candidates who have work experience and general awareness/knowledge when responding to emergency situations.
For Leadership - Must have prior leadership experience in a working capacity (Military, Law Enforcement, Public/Private/Corporate Security) as well as concrete interpersonal communication skills. Must have the competency to lead a diverse team in both routine and emergency events onboard.
References - Must have the ability to provide reference verification from previous employment or experience.

Required Documentation

Each candidate must have:

Updated CV
Passport copy - Passport must be valid at least two years
Passport size picture
Full body picture