Dining Room Waiter

Celestyal Cruises


Job Summary

Celestyal Cruises Hiring company
Shipboard Location
Contract Job type
6 Months length
Call Salary
Dining Room Waiter Position


REPORTS TO : Head Waiter


Performance of Duties
- Work in pairs and be responsible for service at the assigned station. Collect
food from the galley, as directed by the Head Waiter.
- Do not leave the station unattended.
- Prior to each meal, study the menus and seek advice from the Head Waiter if necessary.
- Prepare the station in advance of the meal. Clean the station and maintain an adequate supply of hot plates and other equipment.
- Set the table according to specifications. Clean and polish all equipment. Do not use cracked china or glasses.
- Prepare for inspection of the station prior to each meal.
- Receive each passenger with a professional and friendly approach.
- During the meals maintain the service with efficiency, understanding, patience and politeness. Anticipate the passengers’ requirement of service such as
refilling wines, etc.
- After the meals, take dirty table linen to the collection station and replace it with clean linen.
- Brush chairs and tables. Vacuum carpets at the station. Replenish service stations and requirements for the following meal.
- Handle complaints on service immediately or ask assistance from superior. Report all complaints to the Head Waiter.
- Co-operate in the all-round efficient running of the Dining Room, and aim at the best possible working relationship with other stewards and with the kitchen

Housekeeping Duties

- After the breakfast service the Maitre D’ Hotel will assign housekeeping jobs
such as helping the stewardesses to clean cabins, make beds, vacuum carpets, collect linen etc.

Personal Appearance

- Maintain a clean appearance. Keep uniforms well pressed, spotless and
brushed. Keep shoes well polished, hands and fingernails clean, hair cut and
well groomed. Trim a moustache narrow and straight and keep well groomed.
Trim sideburns to no longer than 1 an inch below the ear. They must be
straight and not curved around the down to the chin line.