Navigation Officer ( 2nd Officer )

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Job Summary

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Shipboard Location
Contract Job type
6 Months length
Call Salary
Navigation Officer ( 2nd Officer ) Position


Reporting to: Master and Ch. Officer
Objective: To carry out, as directed by the Master/Ch. Officer, watch-keeping and deck operational duties designed to contribute to safe economical vessel operation in compliance with national and international regulations, as well as the Company's regulations.
The Second Officer is responsible for:
Implementing the Company's SMS procedures in all activities that fall under his responsibility.
Applying safe working practices while carrying out orders by his Senior Officers as dictated by good seamanship, normal practices and Company policy; all addressed in the SMS Manual.
Keeping watch on the Bridge at sea, port, and at anchor.
Preparing the documents for vessel's departure and arrival and signing / receiving all ship's documents.
Planning the voyage.
Assisting the Ch. Officer in his duties under Master's supervision.
Keeping all charts, nautical publications, chart correction logs and chart folios up to date (as per weekly notices to Mariners and navigational warnings) prompt disposal of all cancelled/replaced charts and preparing voyage / passage planning.In additional is keeping ECDIS device in good condition , keep electronic charts and publications up to date .
Keeping various logs (such as radar, chronometer, and magnetic compass error) up to date.
Following all duties which are described in the Master's standing orders.
Keeping inventory of nautical publications, charts and nautical equipment up to date.
Assisting in the ISM documentation
Following company's circulars.