Cabin Utility

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Job Summary

The Aegean Experience Hiring company
Shipboard Location
Contract Job type
6 Months length
Call Salary
Cabin Utility Position

Reporting to:Ch. House keeper
Objective: Immediate Assistance for Cabin Steward.
Responsibilities of the Cabin Utility include but are not limited to the following:
- Shampooing and vacuuming carpets and furniture, as needed.

- Washing windows, walls and ceilings, as needed.

- Emptying litter bins and ash urns constantly and keeping areas clean at all times.

- Servicing restrooms and maintaining cleanliness and orderliness.

- Polishing brass, handrails and fixtures, as needed.

- Dusting assigned work areas daily.

- Cleaning glass doors daily.

- Offering all possible assistance to guests.

- Maintaining all cleaning equipment in good working order.

- Keeping chemical and cleaning lockers clean and orderly.

- Reporting any loss or damage of linen, furniture, fixtures or equipment.

- Providing guest requests in the absence of the room steward/ess. This includes make up and turn down service.

- Responsible for the collection and deliveries of guest luggage to/from respective decks.

- Providing full service cleaning of cabins to Officers and Key Personnel assigned to their section, to include but not be limited to:

Bathrooms cleaned and sanitized daily Bedrooms dusted, vacuumed, tidied daily Changing bed linens on changing day or as needed Balcony washed down daily (if applicable) Hallway walls cleaned, polished and vacuumed daily Following Company's circulars, Master Standing orders and Hotel Manager instructions.