• Norwegian Cruise Line Interview

    We are pleased to announce that we will have interview with Norwegian Cruise Line in Belgrade, Serbia from March 23 - 26, 2016. If you are food and beverage professional who wants to develop your career and you are passionate about your job, we invite you to apply for the job with this great company?
    We are urgently looking for following positions in a Food&Beverage and Galley Department as well.

    - Assistant Waiter
    - Restaurant Steward
    - Junior Sous Chef
    - Chef De Partie
    - Cook
    - Cook Assistant

    Here are a basic job descriptions:

    - Assistant Waiter -

    Assists a Waiter with the service for food and beverage of an assigned station/team in the restaurants. Rotates throughout the Buffet and Room Service as assigned by management. Ensures that guests are consistently provided with courteous, prompt and efficient service according to company standards. Assist with achieving departmental guest satisfaction targets and food and beverage revenues by following established service strategies and optimizing up-sell opportunities. Ensures that assigned station is properly setup with the required amounts of china, glassware, silverware and mis-en-place prior to the start of service. Complies with sequence of service for food and beverage, and follows the lead/instructions of the Waiters to ensure timeliness of service to guests. Ensures satisfaction of service with guests in assigned station and assists with or resolves any service and/or product deficiencies that may occur.

    - Restaurant Steward -

    Overall, the position is responsible for providing support to the Main Dining Rooms, Buffet and Crew Mess during service and ensuring cleanliness of these areas at the completion of service. Responsible for beverage and table maintenance in an assigned station of the Buffet as directed by management. Assist with achieving departmental guest satisfaction targets and food and beverage revenues through efficient turning of tables and capitalizing on beverage service in the Buffet. Performs the functions of escorting guests and/or resetting tables when required by work schedules. Assist with Waiters and Assistant Waiters with stocking, cleaning and maintaining waiter stations throughout service. Ensures that the restaurant public areas are cleaned per company and USPH standards at the end of each service.

    - Junior Sous Chef -

    Ensure every food item leaving the Galley is of the highest quality in flavor and presentation.
    Lead designated culinary team of 12-20 Crew members toward completion of daily work assignment, ensuring the highest level of guest satisfaction, crew support and financial/operational performance.
    Partner with Chef de Cuisine to lead a multi-cultural brigade in a high volume, fast paced kitchen environment.
    Responsible for own assigned section within the galley.
    Partner with First Steward to understand and monitor sanitation laws, policies and procedures; ensure compliance with USPH standards and follow through with Cooks and Stewards.
    Monitor and ensure all culinary standards and allergy guidelines are adhered to.
    Provide feedback on recipe formulation to the Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef.
    Ensure production of all menu items.
    Act as liaison between galley crew and CDC.

    - Chef De Partie -

    Ensure proper production of all menu items.
    Partner with Junior Sous Chef and CDC; establish food quality standards during storage, production and service.
    Monitor and ensure opening and closing procedures for all kitchens and production areas; ensure follow through with Cooks & Stewards.
    Lead designated Culinary team of Crew toward completion of daily work assignment.
    Assist Junior Sous Chef and CDC on portion control.
    Partner with First Steward to monitor sanitation laws, policies and procedures; ensure compliance and follow through with Cooks and Stewards
    Report malfunctioning equipment.

    - Cook Assistant -

    Assists Cooks and Chefs engaged in the various food workstations, such as sauce, roast, fish, vegetables or buffet. Utilizes at all times USPH and HACCP procedures for sanitation,
    cleanliness and food safety. Learns and uses appropriate knife to slice, dice, chop, julienne, etc. Washes, peels, cuts, and seeds vegetables and fruits. Cleans, cuts, and grinds meats, poultry, and seafood. Dips food items in crumbs, flour, and batter to bread them. Stirs and strains soups and sauces. Weighs and measures designated ingredients. Carries pans, kettles, and trays of food to and from workstations, stove, and refrigerator. Stores foods in designated areas. Cleans work areas, equipment and utensils. Distributes supplies, utensils, and portable equipment. Works with all galley personnel in a cooperative, productive and effective manner.